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Small Wiener Big Dreams Hoodie

Small Wiener Big Dreams Hoodie

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So everyone knows that the woolly mammoth went extinct around 4,000 years ago right? Wrong. Here at Tomfoolery Labs we have genetically resurrected the wooly mammoth in order to harvest its fur (and it’s fur, not hair. I googled it) to bring you the most luxurious, insulative, premium hoodie that one can buy today. Not only is it comfy and stylish as frick, it’s also a literal cheat code against the cold. These shits are so warm that Tomfoolery Labs actually has a contract with a very large space exploration company owned by a man who’s name rhymes with Begone Tusk to provide premium quality space suits for Mars exploration. Anyways buy our shit. Featuring our "Small Wiener Big Dreams" design. 


(Made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, classic fit, runs true to size, tear away label, elastic cuffs and wasteline, source model: Gildan 18500)

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