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Tomfoolery Tees

Dawg Sticker

Dawg Sticker

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Our stickers are made from the dried skin of some weird ass endangered fish and the stuff used to make the adhesive I am legally not allowed to talk about on the internet. However, if you see some of the deranged shit we come up with and go “huh, I really wish I had that on a sticker so I can put it wherever I want” then guess what. You, my friend, are in luck. I mean the possibilities of where you can put these things are endless. Laptop? With ease brother. Fridge? I mean if you want. Water bottle? Oh what is this, amateur hour? Yeah. You can stick these hoes on any dry surface you want. Featuring our patent pending GravityProof design you can stick em anywhere and guess what. They’ll stay there. Pretty great right? Anyways buy our shit. Every design we come up with inevitably makes it onto a sticker but this one is our "Dawg" design.


(Made with durable vinyl, printed on high opacity film, fast and bubble resistant application, make sure to clean and dry the surface you’re putting the sticker on to increase its lifespan)

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